Consistently implementing good ideas

Understanding our customer requirements in detail is the silver bullet to success. The result is security in collaboration, sustainability in the processes and a solid basis to be especially creative. Consistently implementing good ideas! We create trust – and have done for 20 years. That leads to success – with Neuherz.


Each successful project begins with the conception. Smart ideas are what carries each concept. Knowledge and experience form the basis. A well thought-out concept is not just characterised by good implementation, but also by the need to be sustainable.


Practice shows that there are no simple solutions when it comes to the subject of branding. Understanding the market, feelings, clever thinking, close monitoring and psychological aspects determine the foundations of the sociology of a brand. Neuherz has the experience to carefully develop brands and lead them.

Corporate Design

The corporate design is the designed expression of a living corporate identity. Bringing aspiration and reality together is a challenge we are happy to take. In 20 years, we have learnt how to work successfully for the benefit of our clients.

Below-the-line campaigns

In combination with the online segment, below-the-line campaigns continue to be a successful way of getting right into the heart of our clients. Multiple contact points are used to promote products and services and expand a brand’s reach.


Ultimately, real life does not play out on the screens of this world. Nature has equipped us with sensitive sensors to understand and grasp things. This is how products get their value; printed items make a personal impact and even business cards have an effect on the person you give them to, if they are particularly well designed.


This is where experience matters – more than in any other service. Only a perfect living process ensures what is common practice these days: Just-in-time. We adapt flexibly to the client’s processes and support them with our long-standing workflow expertise. Fast, reliable, clear-cut and at a fair price.

Graphic Design

Business cards, flyers and product packaging. One feature links them all: Design. The visual design of the information contained within the graphic elements gives creativity free rein. An idea turns into something tangible.


The (near) personal contact in the shop, at the trade fair, in the pop-up store or at the sales stand has long been a proven sales tool, as all studies show. Personal contact at the point of sale with the right promotional support created by Neuherz has been successful time and time again.

Online Marketing

Always in – Always on! Passion is only one of the cornerstones of successful online marketing. Effective solutions for a complex online world require an experienced and reliable partner, who has learnt to think ahead.


The starting point for almost every online activity. The digital home for every business. Contact point, business card, digital prospect, service centre, client meeting place and acquisition tool: a website can take on a wide variety of tasks.

Social Media

Currently the most important distribution channels for information globally. User-driven, fast and viral. Neuherz knows the rules of the game, for passion and user knowledge are not enough to be successful long-term in social media.

Software Development

Businesses are as individual as the solutions they require. A solution that is tailored to the customer goes beyond the standard application. True individuality is based on sustainable software implementation.

Webshop & Community

Be close to the clients. 24 hours a day. In today’s ruthless competitive world, it is a pure must-have. The user expects maximum comfort as well as the option of contributing in many areas. That is the first step to becoming a brand community.

Feel-Good Factor

Many of our services are interrelated on a content and work level. Neuherz knows this and we factor these synergies into our daily work. You will enjoy working with us because we aspire to develop and implement the best solutions for you.