Eglo lamps

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  • Packaging


EGLO is a hidden champion – a world market leader – from Austria. Based in Pill in Tirol, situated in the Lower Inn Valley mid-way between Innsbruck and Kufstein, EGLO is the largest manufacturer of decorative lamps in the world.

EGLO products are sold under countless brands and product descriptions in a range of DIY chain stores. To be successful, you need a sophisticated logistics chain, not just because of the physical sale of the products, but also due to the packaging.

Neuherz has taken on the task of designing and adapting the process of packaging and other print products for EGLO.In doing so, Neuherz’s strengths, such as speed, reliability, experience, expertise and the synergies of both sites in Vienna and Bratislava, really come into their own.

Customer Benefit

Neuherz is involved in making the packaging process digital, which includes the design and adaptation of packaging, folding boxes, handbooks and manuals. Based on guidelines given by EGLOproduct management, Neuherz  adapted the packaging and manuals to the respective brands and languages. The designed print products then went through a multi-step feedback and approval process.

Each year, over 500 artworks are developed in various adaptations.


The ‘real’ technologies in the packaging are the agency’s experience and flexibility. Packaging is not really a question of computer technology; rather it is a question of optimising processes on different levels to enable an industrial just-in-time production.

Neuherz works with international firms, such as EGLO and Henkel, as well as with companies from the SME segment. This is where the workflow tools from Neuherz come into play, as they offer clients, who are just entering the international arena and don’t yet have the experience and detailed processes, the possibility of establishing a cleanly designed workflow. That doesn’t just save time; it also saves on cost and nerves.

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