Wine and Design

In Austria, wine is a part of everyday life. Where wine taverns are more than just catering establishments, where cosiness is key, we have discovered a new love and specialist skill at Neuherz & Partner: Design for wine - because the digital age requires a unique cultural identity.


Wine belongs to Austria and vice versa. Viticulture is a very significant economic factor and proud industry in this country. So, what is our relationship to it? We at Neuherz & Partner have come to love winegrowing as an industry - because it is part of our culture and because corporate design, graphic design, the design of wine labels and contemporary websites are now essential tasks for many modern farms. And because, despite the international orientation of our agency, we are happy to bring in our creativity and technical know-how to help local businesses grow.

We love the diversity of the creative work around wine and its marketing: there are so many approaches and styles possible when it comes to wine design!

Wine is the product of a whole year’s hard work. Wine labels have a very significant influence on the consumer behaviour of wine drinkers - so we say: Wine and the corporate identity of its manufacturers are worth close attention and care.


Strablegg - wine that stands out

Do you know the Strablegg family’s winery? We hope so: Strablegg can be found in Großklein - southern Styria - well known to anyone who enjoys a relaxing farm retreat. The area is renowned for white wines of exquisite quality - and since 2018 is compliant with the DAC origin system. Now, we maintained our professionalism and did our job soberly, but of course, we also sampled the delights on occasion! And our conclusion? - there is no comparison between Strablegg Wine and the price-related wines in the supermarket. 

We got to know the family and the winery intensively, so we could let everything shine from the logo to the entire corporate design, from the wine bottle labels to the new website - all were given a contemporary, unique look. If you take a look online, you will see the fruits of our labour, but you will also learn about the opportunity to shop and have a wonderful holiday in a warm, hospitable family business.


Wine is for holding close - right? - so to facilitate this we have chosen a high quality, rough, grooved paper for the wine labels. The central element being the embossing and gloss varnish of the two mirrored Gs, which propose the new slogan "Enjoy together", which is also found on the winery’s logo.

Working with our client, we went for a minimalist design. What do you think?


Wine and Design - why they are best enjoyed together

Our recommendation for winemakers?

A sophisticated communication strategy that sets them apart from their competitors and truly makes them stand out. Design that creates real value - and makes the difference.

As a long-standing specialist in packaging, we provide wine bottles with labels that garner attention. We believe in bespoke design, because we know there are no out of the box solutions from our wealth of experience in creating contemporary company identities. 

Do you know or run a winery whose design is ready for a relaunch?  Then we’d love to hear from you!