Our website - a hub for all online activities

Neuherz - Welcome to our brand new website!

We have raised our online presence to a new level to match our products and services. The TYPO3-based website has a fresh new look and shows why we have been delivering results for our clients for 19 years.

Birth of the WWW

Do you know what the very first website looked like? It featured black text with blue links on a white background. If you came across such a website today, you would probably wonder if there was an error when loading the website. The first website went live in 1991, marking a special milestone in our history.

What was a big step towards the Word Wide Web at the time is now something much more complex, immeasurably more sophisticated and at the same time an absolute must. Today it is almost unthinkable for a company not to have a website. While the small butcher around the corner, who has been serving the same customers for decades, may be one of the few exceptions to the rule, he too would benefit from an online presence, and we at Neuherz would probably be able to provide him with the ideal service.

A brief history of the website

At the beginning, a website was just a digital business card. The websites of those companies who dared to step into the unknown digital world, briefly introduced their services and displayed contact information - i.e. telephone numbers and addresses.

Now, much more is possible. Websites are a mode of communication and offer tools for cold calling, customer retention or project implementation. Businesses create websites as means of communicating with the world. The more appealing the website design is to customers and search engines, the more customers you will be able to reach.

Websites have many functions and are more than just online brochures. The services offered must be recognisable at first glance. Customers want to be captivated. Colour, design, format and especially images and the website's imagery make all the difference. Today, websites have to be mobile, i.e. responsive, programmed. Websites have to work on smartphones and tablets as well as they do on a desktop or a smart TV. On the top of all this, websites have to be user-friendly.

Website design has become an indispensable component of online marketing. Having created many successful websites for our clients, we at Neuherz understand this.

Website design is complex

Experience, coupled with passion and creativity, is the lifeblood at Neuherz: This is what we bring to the table - online and offline. We have offices in Vienna and Bratislava - an axis which has been delivering results for our clients for over 10 years. We are a gateway for businesses to Eastern Europe, because we understand the relevant cultural differences. It has been our aspiration for years to understand cultural differences and to see them as integral to a successful design.

CMS - an indispensable tool!

Content Management Systems (in short, CMS) is an indispensable element in the website design process. While its name sounds somewhat awkward, this is the software on which websites are built and maintained. CMS can be used to create websites, and it makes it easy to manage and publish content, texts, images and videos. The most widely used CMS is currently WordPress. More than half of all websites and a quarter of the entire Internet run on this CMS. It is the ideal solution for sole traders and SMEs, which we at Neuherz also like to use.

However, WordPress is not suitable for all companies. Multi-language capabilities, workflow management and customised solutions require different, more powerful CMS.

This is where TYPO3 comes in. This CMS is ideal for multilingual websites, which also require complex translation and release management. We at Neuherz have been working with it for many years, and we are your specialists when it comes to TYPO3. This website, the new centrepiece of our online communications, was realised with TYPO3.

A comprehensive website - the starting point for online communications

A website needs to be nurtured. Keeping content up-to-date is a must. To land at the top of search engines, your website needs new content. A blog, such as this one, also creates relevant content for your customers and leads and thus helps to promote customer loyalty. At the same time, if you provide good quality content and update it regularly, you will improve your website's placement with the search engines. Relevant content is now an important part of SEO (=search engine optimization).

Nowadays, a website is the most important communication portal for many companies. It is the hub for all their online activities, such as blogs and social media. However, not all values can be transferred to the online world. Customer service tailored to client's needs is a must - and we at Neuherz are committed to deliver.