Neuherz logo: the new heart of our brand

For us and for every company, competition is about change and adjustment. Nineteen years ago, when Neuherz was established, the tasks and demands of an advertising agency were different from today. In line with this process of change, we have adapted our image and reshaped our logo. What hasn’t changed is our passion for the physical world of print and the digital (online) sphere.

The logo – starting point and objective

First and foremost, a logo is a symbol that represents something in particular – be it a company, an organisation or a product. Even the Romans used standards: the signum. The troops could gather under the standard and orient themselves towards the battle. It separated them from other units, and of course, from enemy forces. The overriding task of a standard (practically a direct ancestor of the logo) was to create a strong identity.
This identifying impact is still the mark of a well-designed logo. For this reason, the task of designing a logo comes with great responsibility and must be taken with the appropriate care and foresight. In many cases, a logo is the starting point for the development of the corporate design. The corporate design is the framework for company communication and the logo is at the heart of this.

Make a mark and continue to develop

Logos don’t sway with the wind. They serve as a lasting constant, even within a fast-paced business. A logo isn’t a fashion accessory that changes with the seasons. It stands for consistency, endurance and sustainability, and thus forges identity. Once seen, it remains in the mind of the beholder.

Every company continues to develop, so from time to time, it also needs to adapt the character of its identity. The logo changes. There is a general assumption that a perfectly designed logo feels less pressure to adapt than a logo rooted in time and fashion. However, the logo may need adjustment to be suitable for use in new communication channels.

A good example of this is the shift into the internet age. Initially the small, low-resolution screens quickly demonstrated the limits of detailed or playful logos. This forced many companies to adapt. Now that screens have increasingly better resolution, are brighter and are generally becoming larger, logos can be designed differently once more.

The new heart

Since its founding, Neuherz has evolved significantly in many realms. Our staff force and our client base have both grown steadily since Neuherz was established, yet the consistency of a family company has remained. A family business that is immensely proud to have given long-term service and support to its exciting and loyal client base, with the same personnel at both of its locations in Vienna and Bratislava, and one that has continued to grow with new clients.

This is expressed very clearly in our new logo. The colour red has been a constant since our inception. The two key aspects “Design” and “Digital” form the basis and are balanced by the red dot in between. The text “Neuherz” is supplemented with the letter “N”. The “N” is created from different-sized red dots, which together form a circle. The red dot has become the theme of the logo. The dots represent the variety of our clientele. The arrangement of the dots creates a three-dimensional effect, which signifies the many specialist disciplines within our agency.

“Less is more”

It’s a principle of good design that emerged in the Bauhaus style era and was ultimately the concept for redesigning the logo. While it may not be instantly apparent, the process of designing the new logo took a long time. In the end, a successful logo is the product of many considerations.