Ceresit: A newly released Premium joint sealant

Ceresit has an impressively long history in waterproofing buildings.  Ancestors of today's products were developed in the late 19th century. In the 1910 World Exposition, a separate pavilion built with Ceresit products made a name for itself. Only 109 years later, Neuherz & Partner have come along to equip several products with new contemporary designs.

In the beginning was the pitch. While we at Neuherz & Partner went into the ring against some strong competitiors, we had many ideas in our heads and solutions up our sleeve. We are delighted that we were able to convince Henkel once again - and that we were able to help Ceresit's epoxy grout make a new beginning.

Our first step? The packaging design for the new Ceresit flagship product UltraEpoxy Premium CE 89 - you may be aware, or maybe not.. that it utilises Quartz Power Technology and is available in 13 colors. In technical terms, Ceresit from Henkel stands for high-quality chemical construction system solutions for tile laying.

Each Ceresit package naturally has to look similar to one another. As is often the case, it turned out that parts of the layout were already in place and we had to follow strict guidelines from their existing corporate identity. An example of new design implementations from us would be the tile wall with water level on the packaging. Our thinking was that Waterproof Complete Solutions should look exactly like what they are: waterproof.

The power of a genuine, non-metaphoric melting pot

Our next task: the design of the key visual, which combined the advantages of the product with emotion and the love of an ancient craft. In our design, a real melting pot pours the joint compound, for which we found two creative solutions and designed the product brochures accordingly.

Neuherz & Partner packages it

As a specialist for international packaging with many years of experience, projects like this are made for us and vice versa. Additional we created advertising banners, sample books, sales samples and point-of-sale advertisements. What will come next? We stay excited.

Would you like to focus on packaging design that finally makes the inner values of your product visible to everyone? We can - and look forward to hearing from you!